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Blessings Shared - Client Reflections

Magda Sacharczuk-Zajaczkowska
“ son no longer needs to be hospitalized, it inspired me to become a detoxification therapist myself..."

Ewa Olszewska
“ son no longer needs to be hospitalized, it inspired me to become a detoxification therapist myself..."

Katarzyna Kujawska
“Oscar got a terrible cough and through the detoxification, it went away completely, we're grateful."

Klaudia Kabzinska
“I was trying to find a more holistic way. I cleaned my body from mold, heavy metals, and other toxins..."

Cheryl Murnaghan
“I'm delighted. Gluten was out of my body. No longer feeling bloated, my skin is so much better than it was..."

Witness Transformation - Wall of Love

"I have been using the Detoxification Methods for nearly two years. I am impressed with its diagnostic abilities as well as the effectiveness of the treatment.

Unlike many traditional approaches which seem to focus on treating symptoms, the Detoxification Therapist pinpoints what lies at the cause of an illness. They scan your body and create a ‘map of toxins’ indicating where exactly they are located. At the end, a personalised treatment is being suggested to remove them.

The effectiveness of the therapy is impressive, and I can honestly recommend it to anyone who struggles with health and wellbeing problems."

J. PlotalaJ. PlotalaWarwick

“At first, I was very reluctant to the idea of going to a “detox” doctor, but I was strongly encouraged by my friend who has visited Kasia for many years now.

That’s how I landed in Kasia’s clinic, hoping that I was in the right place to get rid of persistent pains and to detox my body.

The method of Doctor Jonas which Kasia uses is incredibly simple and complex at the same time – a mix of science and herbal medicine. It gave me instant readings on my state of health: too much salt, acids, and parasites in my body.

After 6 weeks of taking the recommended herbs and herbal sprays and not eating certain foods, I lost 4 kg and the salt and acids in my body as well!

I feel lighter and cleaner inside, my digestion has improved, and I feel motivated to lead a much healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to clean their body and soul!”

M. MarcinkowskaM. MarcinkowskaLondon

"I recommend the Detoxification and Immune System Activation Method to everyone who is interested in the diagnostics, body cleansing and treatment used by Iza.

Iza helped me several times and each time I was diagnosed by her and treated with appropriate preparations. I was provided with professional help and care as well as warm support from both Iza and her whole family. A gorgeous woman in the right job with her heart in her hand and so much information that there are no words to describe it. The passion that this girl has, combined with a lot of knowledge in the subject, is an indispensable help in all kinds of health problems.

I heartily recommend her services to people with open minds to something new that gets to the root cause of the problem and not only camouflages the symptoms. This medicine appeals to me 300%. With all my respect for the entire work of Iza."

S. KubaczS. KubaczBanbury

"When I came to Kasia’s office I was very ill. I had constant pains in my head, stomach, liver, gall bladder and intestines. Earlier blood tests, a CT scan of the brain, gastroscopy and others examination did not show anything worrying. In the meantime the doctor prescribed two courses of antibiotics, which helped only for a while. At Kasia’s examination it turned out that I was a parasite carrier, that I had problems digesting certain foods and that my body was acidic. Later it turned out that I was also loaded with some chemicals.

Already after the first treatment I felt much better. By continuing the detoxification I was getting back to health. Now I feel very good."

S. MrowiecS. MrowiecAndover

"In times when painkillers or steroids are used without hesitation, I started to think about and look for information where all my problems come from. Kasia, who uses the method of toxicology, appeared on my way. Honestly, I didn’t know much about it, but Kasia has a lot of knowledge about toxicology, but also about the structure of the body. Not knowing anything about my health problems, she made a great diagnosis, the analysis was in a very pleasant atmosphere, I also got a full treatment report, I have already had a few sessions and I feel great. I recommend it especially to those who think that they have already tried everything, but also to those who are not entirely convinced of the credibility of such a method. I was very sceptical too, and now I’m looking forward to the next session."

A. MazurA. MazurLondon

"I totally recommend the diagnosis and treatment with Izabella.

I found out what my food intolerances are, which helped me with abdominal problems. Thanks to the therapy, I got rid of pain in my joints, and now we are dealing with a shortness of breath after covid."

P. LobockiP. LobockiBanbury

"The appointment was pleasant and stress free. I was quite interested in what the consultant was doing, and all my questions were answered which made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.

One of the outcomes of my diagnostic session was information that I was gluten intolerant and was given recommendations + treatment.

I suffered with ulcerative colitis for 5 years at that point and I experienced (apart from all the standard symptoms) a lot of pain in my abdominal area. Due to my previous steroids’ treatment, I have had problems with water retention in my whole body. 3 days after I started following the Consultant’s recommendation, the pain in my abdomen disappeared and the course of treatment reduced my water retention problem.

I am forever grateful for this technology and fabulous Consultant for making my life so much better."

M. BrandM. BrandBanbury

"For almost a year we have been using the detoxification treatment, as directed by our consultant, Iza. We are very delighted by the results achieved through the treatment.

The treatment starts with a diagnosis, which is painless, yet we learn a huge amount about the functioning of our body. We received a detailed report about our health, which provided us with guidance on what to look out for and what required treatment in our case.

We regularly take herbal supplements as directed by our consultant and every 2-3 months we get a check-up to find out about the progress of our treatment. We can say for certain that the treatment has strengthened our immune system, the functioning of our internal organs and helped us to become more cheerful.

To maximise the success of the treatment, the supplements need to be taken regularly and as directed.

We strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who has any health difficulties or is concerned about their health. This treatment is extremely helpful, painless, and free from side effects."

B & P NapiórkowscyB & P NapiórkowscyBanbury

“I use this method and I am very happy with the results. I got rid of some very harmful substances like mercury, aluminium, and cadmium. I also got rid of a runny nose that lasted for years. I highly recommend it!”

P. KrzyzaniakP. KrzyzaniakBanbury

"With a clear conscience, I wholeheartedly recommend consultation and examination with the Salvia device. This is the first step to take care of your health. I, my whole family, and friends have been using it for some time and we are very pleased – a definite improvement in health.

It is worth taking care of yourself today, especially nowadays."

E. OlszewskaE. OlszewskaBanbury

“I came to see Izabella with a pain in my shoulders and arms. The testing showed that my bones, joints, and other organs were loaded with biogenic salts and heavy metals. Only after the first treatment my pain (on a scale from 0-10) went down from 7-8 to 1-2. I am very happy and looking forward to the following treatments to remove the remaining toxins.”

A. FosterA. FosterMorecambe

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