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Awaken Your Inner Vitality

for a Life You Love

Be Part od Something Bigger.

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Upgrade Your Wellbeing and Supercharge Your Vitality

I came to see Izabella with a pain in my shoulders and arms. The testing showed that my bones, joints, and other organs were loaded with biogenic salts and heavy metals. Only after the first treatment my pain (on a scale from 0-10) went down from 7-8 to 1-2. I am very happy and looking forward to the following treatments to remove the remaining toxins.

A. Foster, Morecambe

With a clear conscience, I wholeheartedly recommend consultation and examination with the Salvia device. This is the first step to take care of your health. I, my whole family, and friends have been using it for some time and we are very pleased – a definite improvement in health.

It is worth taking care of yourself today, especially nowadays.

E. Olszewska, Banbury

I totally recommend the diagnosis and treatment with Izabella. I found out what my food intolerances are, which helped me with abdominal problems. Thanks to the therapy, I got rid of pain in my joints, and now we are dealing with a shortness of breath after covid.

P. Lobocki, Banbury

I suffered with ulcerative colitis for 5 years and I experienced (apart from all the standard symptoms) a lot of pain in my abdominal area. Due to my previous steroids’ treatment, I have had problems with water retention in my whole body.

3 days after I started following the Consultant’s recommendation, the pain in my abdomen disappeared and the courses of treatment reduced my water retention problem.

I am forever grateful for this technology and fabulous Consultant for making my life so much better.

M. Brand, Banbury

In times when painkillers or steroids are used without hesitation, I started to look for information where all my problems came from. That’s why I had a diagnosis session and got a full treatment report. I have already had a few sessions and I feel great.

I recommend it especially to those who think that they have already tried everything, but also to those who are not entirely convinced of the credibility of such a method. I was very sceptical too, and now I’m looking forward to the next session.

A. Mazur

The method of Doctor Jonas gave me instant readings on my health state: too much salt, acids, and parasites in my body.

Thanks to Kat after 6 weeks of taking the recommended herbs and herbal sprays and not eating certain foods, I lost 4 kg and the salt and acids in my body as well!

I feel lighter and cleaner inside, my digestion’s improved. I feel motivated to lead a much healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to clean their body and soul!

M. Marcinkowska, London

I use this method and I am very happy with the results. I got rid of some very harmful substances like mercury, aluminum, and cadmium.

I also got rid of a runny nose that lasted for years. I highly recommend it!

P. Krzyzaniak, Banbury

Is it you?

You are short of energy. You suffer from headaches, heartburns, indigestion, abdominal pains and other ailments.

Perhaps you have been ill, and, despite many treatments, you have failed to get better. You fear that you never shall regain your health.

It is a fact that accumulated toxins are behind nearly every chronic disease, symptom and malfunction of the body.

That is why only when you detoxify, you give your body a chance to boost your immune system, recover and get a new lease of life.

We help you restore your health on a cellular level

The human body has an incredible power of rebuilding, providing that the immune system is operating well. This is only possible if it is fed well (minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.) and it is toxin-free.

Although the detox on a cellular level can take time, the healing journey is rewarding and worth it.

This is because, following the detoxification, you are not only able to change your overall lifestyle, daily habits, and addictions but it leads to full recovery without chemical intervention.

Systematic detoxification of the body promotes health and well-being throughout life.

What detoxification does for you








We discuss your health issue;
explain how we can help you

and book you in for a consultation



With EAV equipment we examine
your body toxins
and discuss
with you our diagnosis.


We make your detoxification plan
and help you implement it easily
during your treatment.


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Kat Wieczorek and Izabella Paluch

We are therapists and trainers of the Detoxification and Immune System Activation Method by Dr Josef Jonas. We precisely track toxins and efficiently remove them using the knowledge of the Detoxification Medicine as well as Informational Medicine and the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We help our clients discover what really lies at the root of their problems and efficiently improve their health through toxin elimination and supplementation.

We have been developing our passion for health since we realised that traditional medicine has limited possibilities when it comes to chronic health problems. Since we started our practice in 2016, we have served over 1000 clients, whom we helped boost their immune system and energy levels and teach them how to have a healthy lifestyle.

We also run on-site and on-line trainnigs for detoxification therapists teaching the Detoxification
and Immune System Activation Method by Dr Josef Jonas.


Statera Academy Certified Detoxification Therapist Training Program

Our Detoxification Therapist Certified Program is designed for everyone who is fond of a natural and holistic approach to health and wants to use this knowledge professionally.

At our Academy we offer courses to people with a medical background as well as those who are not medically trained but have a passion to learn or/and to become detoxification therapists.

Upon a successful completion you will become a Certified Detoxification Therapist. You will learn how to remove toxins to activate the immune system and enable the body to enter into a state of homeostasis and and activate the self-healing process.