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How We Can Help You.

We provide an alternative and hope for those who struggle with health and/or well-being.

Nowadays, people experience many health problems and some of them are often called chronic or incurable.

While doctors can diagnose the disease and name it, effective treatment can be much more difficult to find and, unfortunately, conventional medicine often fails to provide all the answers.

Often, throughout their lives, people take a variety of medications, such as hormonal, steroids, immunosuppressive, statin, or anti-inflammatory; however, these medications often mask the symptoms of the disease, rather than treat it.

We are not doctors and we do not treat health conditions with a traditional, symptom-focused approach.

We take a holistic and highly individual approach to the health and well-being of our clients.


By removing toxins on a cellular level, we do not only treat symptoms but most importantly, we remove the underlying cause of the health problem enabling the body to fully recover.

We advise our clients to remove toxic loads from their bodies rather than add new ones such as medical drugs. A surplus is always less favorable than a deficit.

We have helped thousands of clients to overcome their health problems by removing toxins, activating their immune systems, and allowing their bodies to return to health.

We Help You Get Healthy In 3 Steps


We discover your health condition. In an hour consultation you find out what is the root cause of your health problem through a simple and non-invasive screening.


We address your problem in a 6 to 8- week personalized treatment. We offer unique and natural treatments tailored to your individual needs to remove toxins.


We boost your immune system and activate self-healing. You will regain body and mind balance and feel empowered again.

Consultation - EAV screening

At Statera IKP we offer a natural and unique way of cleansing your body from toxins, which cause most health issues.

At Statera IKP we offer a natural and unique way of cleansing your body from toxins, which cause most health issues.

The first step of the detoxification process is a comprehensive consultation, which includes:

  • A conversation with the client about their well-being;

  • A measurement of the toxic load in the body using the EAV (Electro Acupuncture by Voll) apparatus. This determines which toxins disturb the body's functioning the most. The screening is non-invasive and painless. It can last approximately 45 min to 90 min, depending on what toxins the body is burdened with. In this way, we build a map of toxins affecting your body;

  • A summary interview, during which we discuss the toxin load and potential health implications that it can cause.

The second step of the detoxification process involves toxins removal and the activation, stimulation, and regulation of the immune system.


To achieve this, we suggest a unique treatment tailored to your individual needs using Marion's informational supplements. These supplements are matched to the individual requirements of the body. Please note that Marion's supplements are not medications and do not replace measures prescribed by a doctor.

The third step is a check-up. As the removal of toxins is a natural process, usually it cannot work fully as a one-off treatment. If you think about it, we start accumulating all sorts of different toxins from the moment we are born (or even earlier - as we are in our mother's womb). Now, having gathered them for years, we cannot expect them to be miraculously removed in one treatment.


The number of treatments differs from one person to another and it depends on your individual toxic load, the severity and duration of the problem, and the facility of your body to expel toxins. We, however, recommend regular check-ups until the toxins are fully removed to guarantee the best results and a sustainable healthy life.

Our services offer a pathway to a greater chance of recovery for those who may have been suffering for years and have not been able to determine the reasons and/or causes of their health issues. The detoxification process is suitable for both adults and children. Working with young children is most effective when the health properties of both parents are also known.


Therefore, in ideal circumstances, it is important that at least the mother undergoes the screening as well as the child. It is proven that during pregnancy if the mother is loaded with toxins, her body automatically passes these toxins to the fetus.


Detoxification Treatment

We take a very individual approach when proposing the final treatment. The informational supplements by Marion lay at the core of every treatment. However, we also advise on dietary needs, herbal treatments, vitamins and minerals, and other natural supplements.

Furthermore, in line with Traditional Chinese Medicine, we also believe that the physical body can only be healthy when you are mentally and emotionally stable.


Therefore, we also use elements of the Recall Healing method to discover the underlying causes of health issues which may originate from deep emotions and emotional conflicts that can go back to your ancestors.


Combining the above we can provide the most optimal, individual, and holistic solution,

Informational Supplements

The basic component of our supplements is INFORMATION.


In short, interference patterns of toxins are recorded in the supplements.

The brain can recognize these holograms of toxins and mobilize the immune system which starts the toxins elimination.

The information supplements neither add any artificial chemical compound to the body nor do they eliminate toxins themselves.


They provide the body with information on how to eliminate toxins by activating and directing the immune system.


Dr Jonas is continuously evolving the information to make the information supplements as up-to-date as possible.


The most important step in programming the supplements is the right choice of information.

This process has a long-term character and symptoms are expected to be alleviated after approximately one to three months. This however depends on the severity and duration of the problem.

"Detoxification is not just about physical health, but about forging a deeper connection with your spiritual essence."

Detoxify and heal. Empower yourself.

Embrace the power of detoxification.
Transcend your limits.

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