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We are proud to be a business partner to Dr Joseph Jonas and use his Detoxification and Immune System Activation Method with our clients and students.

At Statera we are committed to promoting a healthy, toxin-free, and fulfilling life by taking a natural and holistic approach to each client and their health issues.

Our purpose is to raise awareness of natural detoxification methods that enable you to lead a fulfilling, healthy life in harmony of your body and mind.

We help you reclaim your health, nourish your body, and strengthen your family as you rediscover the effectiveness of nature and its remedies.

From Deeply Unfulfilled To Making The Difference For Others

Leaving The Comfort Zone & Being A Stand For Potential

About us

At some point in our lives, we felt that having a career was simply not enough.

On the surface, we both had good jobs in established companies. Inside though, we were deeply unfulfilled and felt like we were not using our full potential.


We both longed to make a difference – to someone or something. As a result, we decided to leave our comfort zones and follow our passion for a natural approach to health and life.

With the help of Dr Josef Jonas’s detoxification method, we help you detoxify, restore your health, and bring energy back not only to your body but to your life and the life of your family.

We not only focus on our clients’ health but we have also created Statera Academy where we provide certification training for detoxification therapists enabling in this way to spread the health transformation on a larger scale.




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Izabella Paluch

When my son, then only a several-month-old baby, was constantly suffering from bronchitis, it turned out that the only solution offered by conventional medicine was antibiotics. This drug helped for a while, but in the long term, it weakened his immune system and caused recurrent bronchial infections.

I started looking for other solutions and came across Dr Jonas’ Detoxification Method. When my child made a complete recovery, I fell in love with the method and became a Detoxification Therapist myself. 

Today I help others regain their health and energy and teach them how to live in harmony with nature enabling their immune system to do its work. What makes me most happy in my work is seeing how whole families: grandparents, parents, and children gain the will to live and regain their strength, energy, and health.

Katazyna Wieczorek

After 18 years of working in the field of autism, I was disappointed by the fact that only pharmacological therapy was used, which did not consider holistic approach including nutrition, supplementation, removing toxins or working with emotions.

Now, as a detoxification therapist, I see the human being as a perfectly functioning system on a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels. I detect emotional and physical toxins of ailments that always stand in the way of harmony and well-being.

I teach my clients how to take their health and their own immune system into their own hands, so they can live life to the fullest and experience fulfillment. 


Holistic Approach Is The Key To Healing

Our view on health and illness is completely different compared to traditional medicine. We take a holistic and individual approach to health and well-being. We know toxins lie at the root of most health problems, especially chronic ones.

While doctors can diagnose the disease and name it, effective treatment can be much more difficult to deliver and, unfortunately, conventional medicine often fails to provide all the answers. Often, people are advised to take a variety of medications that mask the symptoms of the illness, rather than treat it. We advise our clients to remove toxic loads from their bodies rather than add new ones such as medical drugs. A surplus is always less favorable than a deficit.

By removing toxins on a cellular level, we not only treat symptoms but most importantly, we remove the underlying root of the health problem enabling the body to recover fully.

We have helped thousands of clients overcome their health problems by removing toxins, activating their immune systems, and allowing their bodies to return to health.

We not only focus on our client’s health, but we have also created Statera Academy where we provide certification training for detoxification therapists enabling us to spread the health transformation on a larger scale.

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