What are women like? They have one thing in common lying dormant in them. The story of womanhood.

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Today just a few words about the history of witch hunts, our inner strength, fear and magic potions.


In old Slavic languages the ‘magic spell’ meant charm, magic – always something extraordinary or even wonderful. So where did the idea to punish women, who have slightly different abilities than those commonly accepted, came from? The entire festival of burning witches is also associated with the religious witch hunts – a movement that was supposed to torture, kill, humiliate outstanding and strong women, and stop their activity. Think for a moment, what or who comes to mind when you hear the word ‘witch’? Most people imagine an ugly, bizarre creature that has special abilities but does not bring anything good. They cannot be more wrong…..


The word ‘witch’ unfortunately has very negative connotations. However, the original meaning of it was a ‘beauty maker’, a woman who creates a better and more beautiful world. She does not do it by violence or hard work, but by using the power of nature, by using what belongs to her. A woman can spot her emotions and use them to communicate with nature, other beings, and the entire universe. Her strength lies in her weakness. She has no physical strength like a man. She is not created to contribute to the world with physical fitness. However, thanks to her ideas, intuition, and imagination she can bring new solutions. Women are meant to be visionaries, the creative power. You may find that there are few women who are behind revolutionary inventions or new scientific theories. However, we can ask ourselves what would happen if generations of women were not oppressed for thousands of years … What dark forces were behind witch trials? Who is to blame for the bloody hunts during which, according to some sources, even millions of women lost their lives, and hundreds of thousands more were threatened and humiliated? Unfortunately, these processes, in different forms, go on throughout human history.


There is always fear behind every violence. In the case of witch trials, it was men’s fear of women. This is quite transparent in most relationships, families, communities – this fear affects every society.

It’s an amazing paradox, because deep down every man wants to be the “number one” for his woman. He wants to be strong to protect her. However, he can only become a true protector when he ceases to be afraid of her inner strength, when he can love and respect that inner strength despite not always understanding it. Only then he can love her like a goddess that gives a new life.

However, he must understand and accept that a woman is much “stronger” than he is because she can communicate with the universe and derive from the inexhaustible source of energy and information. And he must be willing to understand that women can transfer these forces of nature to him and teach him to see them.

Each one of you reading this blog is a strong, powerful, and beautiful woman who can use the power of nature and communicate with the Universe. If you wish to learn how to use it to regain your health balance or help others to do so, stay with us.


When I sort out my supplements and mix herbs my 4-year-old son asks ‘Mum, are you making a magic potion?’. I tell him with pride and smile ‘yes, yes I do. It can help many people’ and he never fails to say ‘Wow’. 





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