Toxins are at the root cause of the majority of health problems. Theory of nine toxins which can make you very unwell.

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The method of controlled detoxification and immune activation according to Dr Josef Jonas relies on traditional Chinese medicine, in particular the famous pentagram and the theory of toxins. They are the key issues in the entire detoxification process. In simple words, without toxins, detoxification would not make sense because humanity would be healthy.

The reality, however, is different. Toxins are all around us; in the air, food, water; they wait for us even where we would not expect them at all: in cleaning products, medicines, the atmosphere that surrounds us and which, minute by minute, creates emotions in us.

Detoxification cannot be undermined. Anyone who has any experience with detoxification knows that toxins are responsible for most problems – from acute to chronic.

Opponents argue that humans have been in contact with toxins from the beginning of time. If it was true that the toxins are harmful, we should all be destroyed by them. It is not as easy as it looks. Let us ignore the fact that the environment around us and in which we are forced to live has changed since the times of our ancestors. There is also another factor here. Everyone is different.

Everyone’s immune system works differently, it responds to different issues with different sensitivity. The emotional load of each of us is also different – that is why some react to sadness by crying, others by laughter, therefore, some people feel flat after eating wheat, and others can eat six croissants for breakfast …

When the immune system is working as it should, it can easily deal with the toxins that enter the body. It will simply remove them on its own – with sweat, breath, urine, through the skin … However, only some people have a perfectly functioning immune system. For others, there is insufficient strength, so they struggle with weakened immunity, poisoning, and functional disorders. Sometimes they are severe, and it is impossible to miss them. In other cases, all the disorders are cleverly hidden. Objectively, such a person looks healthy, although he/she feels completely different …

Just as the path of toxins to the body is long, long and difficult is their way out. On the other hand, anything bad carries something good. It is thanks to all these obstacles that the detoxification according to Dr Jonas can grow and do what its main goal is: to restore the balance to the body, which is the basis of good health.

The Nine Toxin Theory of Dr Jonas include:

  •         Capsulated emotions
  •         Microbial focus
  •         Suppressed emotions
  •         Stress burden
  •         Body burden of organic toxins
  •         Body burden of inorganic toxins
  •         Body burden of metabolic toxins
  •         Intestinal toxins
  •         Chronic infection

The theory of the nine toxins is extremely important, and practically essential for our work. Identifying the type of toxin comes first in order to build a map of toxins and suggest the best detoxification strategy. 



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