Metabolic disorder is getting out of control. How can detoxification help?

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Welcome to our blog today in which we will be talking about pandemic. No, it is not going to be COVID-19.

There are other, serious pandemics in our modern world which take many lives each year. One of them is metabolic syndrome.

It is the simultaneous occurrence of health problems, such as diabetes, fat metabolism disorder, hypertension, and obesity. At present, this syndrome already affects about 30% of the world’s population, which is a huge number, comparable only to oncological diseases. Metabolic syndrome causes cardiovascular diseases, being the main cause of death.

Modern medicine deals with first and second type diabetes and high blood pressure with medication, however, cannot get to the root cause of these diseases. Therefore, it is not able to stop the epidemic of the metabolic syndrome described.

This problem is already treated as a pandemic, or an epidemic with a catastrophic extent.

Medicine focuses on the study of obesity, the accumulation of fat which affects the efficacy of insulin and increases the blood sugar level.

In the case of the metabolic syndrome, called in the world also syndrome X, the second type diabetes develops along with the insulin resistance. This causes high levels of insulin in the blood and high blood sugar.

In addition, common symptoms of the metabolic disorder are higher levels of fat in the blood such as cholesterol, and hypertension.

The metabolic syndrome is usually accompanied by the androgenic (male) type of obesity which is the accumulation of fat in ​​abdominal organs. Sometimes the metabolic syndrome is also called a civilization syndrome or a new world syndrome, but we can meet with other terms, such as silent killer or deadly quarter. It is called a civilization syndrome as it has appeared on such a massive scale in recent decades and it is assumed that civilization factors contribute to its occurrence.

Physical activity and a healthy diet are paramount to deal with this syndrome. Otherwise, traditional medicine can only put out local fires by lowering cholesterol with the help of drugs  called statins or fibrates, by lowering blood pressure with medicines for hypertension, by lowering sugar levels with oral drugs and by taking medication protecting the circulatory system.

Detox medicine has a lot to say in the field of metabolic syndrome. Nobody can question that a lack of healthy diet and of course physical activity plays a crucial role. Metabolic disorder can also be caused by consumption of a large amount of food and by exhaustion of enzymatic possibilities that are so desperately needed for flawless metabolism. The use of concentrates, preservatives and artificial ingredients accelerates the exhaustion of enzymes. An important role also play flour, gluten, milk concentrated in the form of cream, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt, and huge amounts of refined sugar.

Another factor is a toxic burden of the epigenetic environment, i.e. disruption of the genetic program, decisive in the case of enzyme synthesis. Genotoxic substances, such as radioactive substances, metals, chemicals but also antibiotics and other medical drugs etc. impact on the quality of the genetic program.

Disorders in the genetic program result in an incorrect enzyme synthesis and metabolic disorder.

The next decisive factor is the vitamins and minerals deficiency.

Based on the detoxification medicine knowledge, we can conclude that stress covering specific areas of the body causes the formation of foci in the lymphatic system. The once famous psychoanalyst Reich indicated in the body individual zones, submitted to stress, which form so-called shields (emotionally blocked parts of the body). These shields appear in areas of symbolic significance, such as shoulders supporting the weight of this world; or the chest through which we clear our way forward; pelvis where we accumulate the stress resultant from partnership and interpersonal relationships; and above all the abdomen, where everyday stress is accumulated. When we assess the impact of the psyche and emotions on the human physical body, we often forget that the human body has memory. Therefore, the stressful emotional situations that we encounter accumulate gradually in layers recorded by the body. When the stressful situation passes, the body does not forget about it, and the stress does not completely disappear. For this reason, when a stressful situation comes, it does not have to be profoundly serious. Every little stress is remembered by our body and when our capacity to contain stress fills to the brim, it begins to spill.

It is important to control metabolic syndrome and thus regulate fat metabolism, blood pressure and sugar levels. Detoxification treatment combined with movement and diet is the only sensible action in the prevention of modern plague, that is, the X syndrome. 



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