The Detoxification &
Immune System
Activation Method

The Method by MUDr. Josef Jonáš

It is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which teaches that an organism functions as a system which consists of subsystems that are in a constant and dynamic interaction with each other and with the external environment.

Detoxification is a process that strives to free the body from deposits and the effects of harmful substances. Any detoxification process aims to find and eliminate toxins to prevent further harm they could cause and to achieve a healthy and stable internal environment.

Detoxification & Immune System Activation

The Detoxification and Immune System Activation Method was created by Dr Josef Jonas.

This method integrates the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, immunology, and biophysics.

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

The principle of dynamic interaction with each other and the environment. 

At our Academy, we offer courses to people with a medical background as well as those who are not medically trained but have a passion for learning or becoming successful detoxification therapists.

Informational Supplements

Restoring Natural Balance

Detoxification & Informational Supplements

The Detoxification and Immune System Activation Method is a gradual process of effectively cleansing the human body on a cellular level. This process involves the application of specific informational supplements. This enables the body to eliminate toxins from organs, tissues, and cells using its immune system, promoting their normal functioning.

The method focuses on finding natural balance in the body. As soon as toxins are removed and the body functions in compliance with its original setting, a state of homeostasis is achieved ensuring that persistent health issues do not reoccur.

The human body has the incredible power of rebuilding, providing that the immune system is operating well. This is only possible if it is fed well (minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.) and toxin-free. Although the detox on a cellular level can take time, the journey is rewarding and worth it.

This is because, following detoxification, you are not only able to change your overall lifestyle, daily habits, and addictions but it can also lead to full recovery without chemical intervention.

Systematic detoxification for the body promotes health and well-being throughout life.

What Detoxification &
Informational Medicine Does For You

Removes Toxins

Liberate your body and mind.

Eliminating toxins simplifies your path to wellness, allowing you to live with more energy and clarity. This approach purges harmful elements (like heavy metals, parasites, viruses, and more) you’ve been carrying unknowingly, revitalizing your system from the inside out.

Breathe easier knowing each day becomes cleaner, lighter, and more vibrant as you detoxify.

Boost Immunity & Increase Stamina

Unlock the full potential of your immune system.

Feel stronger and more resilient every day. Informational Medicine helps your body fight off germs and keeps you energized.

Restore Balance & Weightloss

Informational Medicine doesn't just aim for weight loss it seeks harmony within your body's ecosystem.

By restoring balance it naturally guides your body to its optimal weight as a sign of restored health and vitality. Find your body's natural equilibrium, leading to healthy weight loss. It's about feeling good in your skin by restoring internal balance.

Prevent Chronic Illness

Step into a life where chronic illness doesn't dictate your story.

Live freely, with fewer health worries. It strengthens your body's defenses, reducing the risk of long-term health issues. 

Increase Energy

Transition from persistent fatigue to boundless energy.

Informational Medicine taps into your body's intrinsic energy sources. Say goodbye to constant tiredness. This approach energizes you from the inside out, helping you tackle your day with ease.


Removes Stress & Anti-Aging (No, this is not about just wrinkles)

Turn back the clock on aging with a regimen that replenishes your body at a cellular level.

Look and feel vibrant. This method rejuvenates your body, giving you a youthful glow and spirit.

Toxin Detectives

Our clients often say that we are toxin detectives as in our work we track toxins and help our clients remove them so they can restore their health easily.

We are exposed to all kinds of toxins all the time. Even the simplest of daily routines can expose one to several common pollutants found in the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breathe in.

While our liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system play a major role in removing biologically harmful compounds, our bodies have not evolved to deal with the growing number of toxins we unknowingly interact with every day. Detoxification systems can easily become overwhelmed, causing toxin overload.

Toxins can be divided into 4 areas.


Gluten, purines, mucin, casein, sugar

Inorganic Toxins

Chemicals from food and household chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive substances, pesticides

Organic Toxins

Bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi

Emotional Toxins

Stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions

Toxins can cause the following problems

Physical: metabolic dysregulation, cardiovascular problems, respiratory complications, neurological issues, and chronic illnesses: Dementia, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, COPD, Crohn's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blod Pressure, High Cholesterol, Lower Back Pain, Migraine, Headaches, Stroke, and many others.

Mental: Depression, chronic fatigue, neurosis, and other related conditions.

Emotional: Psychosis, phobias, fear, aggression, and other related conditions.

Intoxification Stages

Toxic Overload

Early and later stages

Toxic overload can cause several changes in your body. In the early stages, your body tries to expel those toxins by any means necessary. You may experience diarrhea, sneezing or coughing fits, excessive urination, sore throat, heartburn, nasal congestion, runny nose (from mucus overproduction), or vomiting.

Many people notice changes in their body odor from excessively oily skin, or spots and rashes as a result of their bodies trying to purge those toxins through their pores.

In the later stages as the toxins gradually accumulate in your system, you may also find impairment to some of your faculties. Most people experience fatigue, memory difficulties, sleep impairment, eczema, and other inflammatory conditions like gout, depression, or a "brain fog".

Prolonged Toxicity

Chronic Illness

Due to prolonged toxicity the organs that usually play a role in natural detoxification (e.g. liver, kidney, or lymphatic system) burn out. 

This process directly impacts the functioning of other associated organs, leading to a risk of developing a commonly known chronic illness. Some of the common chronic illnesses are Dementia, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, COPD, Crohn's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Lower Back Pain, Migraine, Headaches, Stroke, and many others.

Three steps to healing

1. FREE CALL - We discuss your health issue, explain how we can help, and book a consultation for you

Begin your journey to better health today. During this call, we'll listen carefully to understand your health concerns. Then, we'll share how our unique approach can assist you and schedule a deeper consultation. This is the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

2. CONSULTATION - With EAV equipment we examine your body's toxins and discuss treatment

Dive deeper into your path to wellness. In this session, we use advanced EAV ElectoAcupunture to accurately assess your body's toxin levels. Together we'll review the findings. This personalized attention is key to unlocking your bodys full healing potential

3. TREATMENT - We create a detoxification treatment plan and help you implement it easily during your treatment

Experience the transformation. We create a customized detoxification treatment plan specifically for you. With our guidance and support, you will find it straightforward to integrate this plan into your daily routine throughout your treatment journey. This approach not only targets immediate health concerns but also lays the foundation for sustained wellness and vitality.

"Your body's capacity to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe."

Detoxify and heal. Empower yourself.

Embrace the power of detoxification.
Transcend your limits.

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